Pauatahanui Golf Couse (PGC) offers a nine hole layout that is ideal for new golfers, and still presents enough challenges for advanced golfers.

PGC is set in a scenic, often sheltered valley that offers a pleasant walking course with mostly gently sloping fairways – there are still some holes that will get your heart pumping, either with the uphill walk or the challenge of hitting your shot into a protected green.



It can be said, “If you can play well here you can play good golf anywhere” – Although it is a great learning ground for the beginner, it can also test the more seasoned and advanced golfer, as most visitors after playing the second and third holes will endorse.

Course Overview

Green Fees are:

18 Holes – $20.00

9 Holes – $20.00

Juniors – $10 (under 12 years free with a playing adult)

Use the hole by hole guide below to explore the golf course, visualize your approaches, before you come out and play PGC.
We welcome you to join us, play a quick round and tell a story, before heading home to reality.  Then do it again on your next visit with us.  There is always time to Play 9 at PGC!

Hole 1

This par 4 starting hole has an acute dogleg left. The shot value is on the drive; care must be taken not to send your drive left as there is out of bounds on the left and a stream in front of the green. Care must also be taken not to over cook drive your shot as you could be amongst the trees. Your approach shot is short and over a stream to a large inviting green.

When playing 18 holes this becomes the Hole 10.


Hole 10


Hole 2

Our signature par 4 hole is a true test for all levels. It possesses all elements of golfing excitement – Risk and Reward – Brain and Brawn. This hole has two non-optional carries – First off the tee and the second to the green creating a classic Island effect. All shots must be executed with accuracy and weight as any wayward or mishit shots will be punished. There is a bail-out area short of the green if you feel you cannot reach this green in two, but you will still need to carry the wetland. The green is two greens in one, as the putting surface is divided in two by a spine down the middle. Placement is paramount on every shot!

When playing 18 holes this becomes the Hole 11.


Hole 11


Hole 3

Your first par 3 and what a par 3 it is! The climb is worth it, as it one of the most picturesque and challenging holes on the course. Again it is a forced carry over the wetland and will require a long straight shot to get onto this green. Thank goodness the wind in most cases will help to keep you airborne and on course for reaching this green in one.

When playing 18 holes this becomes the Hole 12.


Hole 12


Hole 4

This hole is a welcome relief and a bit of a breather, but it will get your heart rate pumping as it is all up hill. The shot value is on the drive as it must be straight; it doesn’t need to be long as this is a very short par 4. Your second shot will most likely be on a hanging slope to a semi-blind green with lots of contour and interesting pin positions. It may be short but it could chew through a lot of shots if you aren’t careful.

When playing 18 holes this becomes the Hole 13.


Hole 13


Hole 5

This is the longest par 4 with shot values on both the first and second shot. From the tee you can see danger all along the left and a well-protected green tucked left creating a strong dogleg. The fairway is wide, giving you a false sense of security. The second shot is a heroic shot to a large green surrounded by danger. To layup or not to layup is the question. Whatever you decide, you could most likely walk away thinking you made the wrong decision.

When playing 18 holes this becomes the Hole 14.


Hole 14


Hole 6

Regardless of which tee you use the wind plays a major factor when attacking this one shot hole. The danger area short and left of green and the large hedge to the right will demand an accurate and straight shot. There is a grassy hollow to the right of the green to catch the wayward attacking shot or the over-weighted putt. This last and most demanding par 3 confirms that wind can be friend or foe!

When playing 18 holes this becomes the Hole 15.


Hole 15


Hole 7

First of the par 5’s and the longest, this fairway is wide and inviting but the right-hand side is defined by a large hedge wall that has swallowed many a ball over the years. The second shot is more demanding which narrows down between a small hedge on the left and more hedging and trees on the right, so attacking this hole in two will require great accuracy and courage. The third shot is a short pitch to a tiered green with grassy hollows surrounding the green to catch the wayward attacking shot.

When playing 18 holes this becomes the Hole 16.


Hole 16


Hole 8

This par 5 is a short but a classic heroic hole with plenty of temptation. From the back tee position a tree in the middle of the fairway splits your driving options, whatever route you choose you will have to fade or draw your drive to have a good fairway attacking position. From the middle of the fairway you are confronted with a choice to go for the green or lay-up. This beautiful green seems closer than it appears; in front of the green there is a deep/wide penalising swale from which there is no return. The fairway narrows as you get closer to the green so even the third shot needs to be straight and well placed. The green is small and heavily contoured making putting an added challenge.

When playing 18 holes this becomes the Hole 17.


Hole 17


Hole 9

This final hole is a driveable par 4 and is an enjoyable finishing hole for both Men and Women. Like many of the holes there is a stream to carry (20+ metres) short of the green. This is not a difficult hole as you can hit short of the stream – pitch over and still walk away with par. Go for it in one and you could walk away with a birdie, eagle or even a hole in one!

When playing 18 holes this becomes the Hole 18.


Hole 18